ML450 Hybrid Information

Yesterday our dealership had trainging on the upcoming ML450 Hybrid.  The vehicle is amazing, seemless change from electric to gas, smooth shifting, and great power without sacrificing fuel economy.  In comparrison to Lexus and the upcoming BMW, the ML will fits nicely between the two in terms of power, performance, and fuel economy.  Where it out weighs each of the others is in fit/finish and safety. 

The ML will be a limited production vehicle.  As it stands now Mercedes-Benz USA will produce 1700 total vehicles over a 2 year period (this year and next) for the USA with none slated for Europe at this time.  No pricing information has been made available yet, but they are estimating lease payments to run $20 – $120 more per month than the average ML350 lease.  under the hood viewML450 electric driveML450 Gas drive09012009284

Stimulus Bill Update

We are excited to share some positive news regarding the Alternative Motor Vehicle credit (30b). As a result of the stimulus bill, all customers who purchase a BlueTEC SUV will now be able to claim the full credit amount regardless of their personal tax situation and income. This change applies to all BlueTEC SUVs purchased after January 1st, 2009.    

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Fuel Comparisons

I know there has been a big push to find alternate fuel sources for vehicles in the last couple of years.  Ethanol or E85 seems to have risen to the top.  Look at GM and you see a lot of “Flex Fuel” vehicles in their line up.  While ethanol maybe a fuel alternative, it is not as energy efficient as gasoline.  You ask, what does this mean to me?  Let me explain.

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ML350 2wd Now Availble

mercedes-benz-ml350We are happy to announce the retail release for the MY09 ML350 2WD at a base MSRP of $44,600, which represents a $2,500 discount to the ML350 4MATIC.

This aggressively priced model provides a competitive advantage to those markets where 2WD is dominant. The ML350 2WD has the same exact standard / optional equipment and great look as the ML350 4MATIC.

The 2WD model has an identical residual value to the 4MATIC resulting in a lower lease rate by approximately $20 with similar terms.

Adam Denault