Mercedes-Benz Sales October 2012

Mercedes-Benz Posts Record Sales for October

Mercedes-Benz USA reports 23,978 vehicles sold for October 2012, delivering a record year-to-date total of 215,596 new vehicles.  Adding in smart and Sprinter sales for the month brings the total to 26,642 overall sales.

The top performers were the C, E, and GLK models.  The C-Class lead the way with 7,636 vehicles sold.  The 9th generation E-Class was reported sales of 5,265 vehicles.  To round out the top 3, the GLK reported sales of 2,943.

On a year-to-date basis, the top performers are the C-Class with 65,376, the E-Class with 50,061 and the ML with 29,996 vehicles being sold.  AMG models are up 35.5% over last year with 5,512 vehicles being sold.

smart cars continued 12 consecutive months of sales increases with 998 being sold in October.  That brings the year-to-date total to 8,309 up a whopping 443.8% over last year.

Sprinter continues to be strong reporting 1,666 vehicles sold in October, up 12.2% from last October and up 22.5% year-to-date.

Separately, the Mercedes-Benz CPO program sold 6,732 vehicles in October, bring up the year-to-date increase to 66,318 vehicles, up 5.4% for the year.