Top 10 Best Car Brands for 2012

Total Car Score Ranks the Top 10 Best Car Brands for 2012

Total Car Score, the most comprehensive automotive ranking and comparison website, announced today the Top Scoring Manufacturers of 2012.

Total Car Score’s list of the Top 10 Best Car Brands for 2012 is based on numerical ratings for 2012 model year vehicles currently on the market. The list provides a data-driven assessment of which automakers are producing the most desirable, highest quality cars, crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks.

Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz Top the Automotive Industry List

Infiniti earned the top spot on the list with seven models averaging a Total Car Score of 82.09. That is 2.2 points higher than the average vehicle score for Infiniti’s 2011 model lineup. Mercedes- Benz followed closely with 17 models earning an average Total Car Score of 81.82. In terms of year-over-year improvement, Kia had the biggest increase in manufacturer score from 2011, with a jump of 3.76 points, followed by Chrysler’s increase of 3.71 points.

The extremely close scores between the top 10 ranked auto manufacturers show just how competitive the industry has become. The 11th and 12th ranked brands, Subaru and Hyundai, were less than one point behind Chrysler, BMW and Kia, the automakers ranked 8th, 9th and 10th and, perhaps more dramatically, less than three points behind top-ranked Infiniti.

Top 10 Best Car Brands for 2012

Rank Manufacturer Manufacturer Score Change from 2011
1 Infiniti 82.09 +2.2
2 Mercedes-Benz 81.82 +1.64
3 Buick 81.30 +3.19
4 Audi 80.93 +2.86
5 Lexus 80.51 -1.62
6 Volkswagen 80.40 +1.69
7 Acura 80.01 +0.15
8 Chrysler 79.78 +3.71
9 BMW 79.35 +0.17
10 Kia 79.31 +3.76