Mercedes-Benz Continues It’s Roll

MBUSA May 2014 Sales

Mercedes-Benz continues it’s roll into May with Mercedes-Benz USA posting it’s fifth record sales month of 2014 with 26,617 vehicles sold.  MBUSA reports sales up 6.5% over last years record year.  Additionally, Sprinter and smart are both having a great year with Sprinter up 23.5% and smart up 8% over last year.  All-in-all MBUSA is reporting 138,374 total vehicles sold for 2014.

Top sellers in May continue to be the C, E, M-Class vehicles.  The all new S-Class is still out selling it’s BMW, Audi and Lexus counter parts combined as reported by Motortrend in May.

There are still a lot of vehicles yet to make their debut this year for MBUSA including the GLA, S-Coupe, B-Class and the redesigned C-Class.  We are looking forward to late summer early fall when these vehicles will become available.