2013 The Year Ahead

While Mercedes-Benz USA reported a record year for 2012, I am looking forward to 2013.  This year we will see the Facelifted E-Class Sedan, Wagon, Coupe and Cabriolet (photos).  Mercedes-Benz will also launch the new S-Class and CL later in the year.  New the the brand will be the CLA, an entry level vehicle to compete with the BMW 1 Series among others.

smart USA will reintroduce the Electric smart car in the late Spring time.  It boasts a combined 107 mpg with a range of 68 miles on a single charge.

Mercedes-Benz currently has one of the freshest product offerings in the industry and only looks to continue that trend.  Watch for product announcements and launches in the coming months.

Mercedes-Benz Records Record Year

Mercedes-Benz USA hits highest-ever US volume with 305,072 new vehicles sold

MBUSA reported its highest year on record with 305,072 vehicles sold in 2012 representing a 15.4% increase over the 264,460 vehicle sold in 2011.  The Mercedes-Benz model line alone was responsible for 274,134 vehicles followed by Sprinter with 20,929 vehicles and smart with 10,009 cars.  The Mercedes-Benz model line was up 11.8%, smart was up an astonishing 92.2% and Sprinter had an increase of 26.3% for the year.

“A strong product offensive backed our retail network’s commitment to providing a worldclass
ownership experience put the wind at our back and enabled us to outperform the market and
take the brand to new heights in the U.S.,” said Steve Cannon, president & CEO of MBUSA.
“We’re going to ride that momentum into 2013 with new products across the entire model line
from entry point to flagship.”

December 2012 Sales

December sales were led by Mercedes-Benz with 28,145 vehicles sold.  Sprinter reported sales of 2,231 trucks and smart with 996 cars being sold.


The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Turns 30

Happy Birthday to the C-Class!C-Class Sedans

On December 8, 1982 Daimler-Benz unveiled a third series to the line up, the Type 190 and 190 E.  The new models were characterized by more compact measures, reduced weight and increased economy without making any compromises to handling performance, safety and reliability.  Energy consumption was minimized by using high-strength sheet steel and other weight-reducing materials as well as aerodynamic optimization.

Mercedes-Benz Sales November 2012


Mercedes-Benz at 30,315 up 13.1%; smart and Sprinter up 70.0% and 56.0% respectively

MONTVALE, N.J. – Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) today reported an all-time sales record with November sales of 32,649 for combined sales of Mercedes-Benz, smart and Sprinter models, up 15.6% and delivering a record year-to-date total of 273,622 up 14.5%. The Mercedes-Benz model line alone recorded its highest November on record with sales of 30,315 for the month, up 13.1%, and 245,910 for the year up 12.0%. Continue reading

2012 Best Fleet Value in America Awards

2012 Best Fleet Value Award

Vincentric recently awarded the coveted 2012 Best Fleet Value in America Awards to three Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans.  The Sprinter 2500 Passenger Van won Full-Size Passenger Van.  The Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van placed at the top of the Full-Size Cargo Van category, and the Sprinter 3500 Cargo Van easily outdistanced the competition in the Full-Size Cargo Van, 1 ton category.  All the details can be found at www.vincentric.com.

Mercedes-Benz Sales October 2012

Mercedes-Benz Posts Record Sales for October

Mercedes-Benz USA reports 23,978 vehicles sold for October 2012, delivering a record year-to-date total of 215,596 new vehicles.  Adding in smart and Sprinter sales for the month brings the total to 26,642 overall sales.

The top performers were the C, E, and GLK models.  The C-Class lead the way with 7,636 vehicles sold.  The 9th generation E-Class was reported sales of 5,265 vehicles.  To round out the top 3, the GLK reported sales of 2,943. Continue reading