Lexus Safety Campaign…

I saw this commercial over the weekend for the first time.  I don’t know what it was that struck a nerve, but I am going to vent now.  First off this is not a knock at Lexus, they are simply letting the world know they make a safe automobile.  I guess this is more about Mercedes-Benz than anything else.  The whole idea of the commercial (if you haven’t seen it) talks about how the Lexus RX has 14 Active Safety Systems in place.  Today I went through to find a list, so here they are:

  1. VSC- Vehicle Stability Control
  2. TRAC-Traction Control
  3. ABS-Anti lock Brakes
  4. EBD-Electronic Brake Distribution
  5. Brake Assist
  6. Disc Brakes
  7. Tire Pressure Monitor
  8. AWD-All Wheel Drive
  9. HID-High Intensity Discharge lights
  10. AFS-Adaptive Front Lighting System
  11. Outside Mirrors with defoggers
  12. Rain Sensing Wipers
  13. Headlight Washers
  14. Water repellent coating on windshield

Here is the part that frustrates me… most of these are Mercedes-Benz innovations!!!  Lets start from the top.  I have included those I deem most important.

Mercedes-Benz Terms and introduction.

  1. ESP-Electronic Stability Program – 1995
  2. Traction Control – 1959 patent
  3. ABS- 1975-  Not a MB first, but the modern ABS is built/designed off of MB’s original system
  4. BAS – 1992 patent, premiered in 1996, standard on all vehicles in 1998
  5. AWD- 1903 first drafted -1907 first AWD for everyday use, also was first for all wheel steering
  6. Tire Pressure Monitor – not one auto manufacturer developed this
  7. EBD – No solid answer found
  8. Disc brakes – No solid answer found

Most of this information came from and

I hope someone from MB marketing department will read this and touch on our innovations and the history of the brand.  I can’t think of any other automobile manufacturer that holds the original patent on the automobile.    OK I am done! Or at least until next time…