Collision Prevention Assist Plus

Mercedes-Benz holds over 85,000 patents for the automobile most of which are safety related.  Through the introduction of these numerous pioneering safety solutions and technologies, Mercedes-Benz continues to define new standards for vehicle safety.  One of the latest to be introduced is Collision Prevention Assist Plus or CPA+ for short.  A part of the larger Intelligent Drive System, CPA+ adds autonomous braking to the current Collision Prevention Assist System.

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Electronic Stability Control

Twenty years ago this month Mercedes-Benz first introduced the technology that has become the Electronic Stability Program that is now required on all cars sold in the United States.  The technology is designed to reduce understeer and oversteer by braking individual wheels or cutting engine power when necessary.

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New ML and C Coupe receive 5 stars on latest Euro NCAP safety tests

Five stars for new B-Class, new M-Class and C-Class Coupé: Euro NCAP: three more Mercedes-Benz model series with best grades for safety

Three new model series from Mercedes-Benz have passed crash tests based on the European NCAP procedure (New Car Assessment Programme) with flying colours. The B-Class, M-Class as the best in each of their vehicle classes, and the C-Class Coupé consequently get the top rating of five stars for outstanding occupant protection. In addition, Mercedes-Benz receives several Euro NCAP Advanced prizes for safety innovations including PRE-SAFE® and the radar-based collision warning system COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST in the B-Class.

“The Euro NCAP awards are a striking recognition of the safety level of our vehicles, and we’re very happy about them,” stated Ulrich Mellinghoff, Head of Mercedes Safety Development. “But the standardised crash tests cover only a small part of the real course of events leading up to and during road accidents. For this reason Mercedes-Benz designs all model series employing some 40 different accident constellations, most of which we define based on the experience of our in-house accident research. Additionally, focusing on anticipatory systems and accident avoidance we equip our vehicles with systems which are not even taken into account in the rating.” Continue reading

Awards for PRE-SAFE® and PRE-SAFE® Brake: Mercedes-Benz receives two Euro NCAP Advanced Rewards

The independent European safety association Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme), has rewarded Mercedes-Benz as part of the new Euro NCAP Advanced programme by awarding the company prizes for its anticipatory occupant protection system PRE-SAFE® as well as its PRE-SAFE® Brake driver assistance system. Dr. Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General of Euro NCAP,presented the awards to Prof. Dr. Ing. Rodolfo Schöneburg, Head of Passive Safety and Vehicle Functions for Mercedes-Benz Cars and Dr. Jörg Breuer, Head of Active Safety for Mercedes-Benz Cars, at the Paris Motor Show. Continue reading

E Class Safety – Setting the Standard

The evidence is now clear: drivers of Mercedes vehicles are safer on the road than drivers of other car brands. This is the result of a study of Mercedes accident research based on official, anonymous data samples from the Federal Office of Statistics. Having looked at 18,748 accidents resulting in personal injury during the period from 2003 to 2007, the study found that the risk of being seriously or fatally injured as the driver of a E-Class, is 10.4 percent lower than for comparable vehicles of other brands.

The study did not even allow for the fact that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are involved in accidents less frequently than the vehicles of other brands – primarily because, among other reasons, Mercedes-Benz was the first manufacturer to introduce ESP® across the board. The study of accident severity only took into account accidents resulting in personal injury. The criteria were initial registration from 2002 onwards, as well as a performance and weight class corresponding to the E?Class. Continue reading

Mercedes Safety-IIHS Top Picks

Both the C Class and the E Class have both achieved “Top Safety Pick” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).  To qualify for this award the vehicles must have a score of “Good” in the following categories: front, side, roll over and rear crash protection.

In addition to the IIHS award, the C Class was also awarded five stars in the Euro NCAP (the European New Car Assessment Program), making it one of the Safest cars on the market.

Lexus Safety Campaign…

I saw this commercial over the weekend for the first time.  I don’t know what it was that struck a nerve, but I am going to vent now.  First off this is not a knock at Lexus, they are simply letting the world know they make a safe automobile.  I guess this is more about Mercedes-Benz than anything else.  The whole idea of the commercial (if you haven’t seen it) talks about how the Lexus RX has 14 Active Safety Systems in place.  Today I went through to find a list, so here they are:

  1. VSC- Vehicle Stability Control
  2. TRAC-Traction Control
  3. ABS-Anti lock Brakes
  4. EBD-Electronic Brake Distribution
  5. Brake Assist
  6. Disc Brakes
  7. Tire Pressure Monitor
  8. AWD-All Wheel Drive
  9. HID-High Intensity Discharge lights
  10. AFS-Adaptive Front Lighting System
  11. Outside Mirrors with defoggers
  12. Rain Sensing Wipers
  13. Headlight Washers
  14. Water repellent coating on windshield

Here is the part that frustrates me… most of these are Mercedes-Benz innovations!!!  Lets start from the top.  I have included those I deem most important.

Mercedes-Benz Terms and introduction.

  1. ESP-Electronic Stability Program – 1995
  2. Traction Control – 1959 patent
  3. ABS- 1975-  Not a MB first, but the modern ABS is built/designed off of MB’s original system
  4. BAS – 1992 patent, premiered in 1996, standard on all vehicles in 1998
  5. AWD- 1903 first drafted -1907 first AWD for everyday use, also was first for all wheel steering
  6. Tire Pressure Monitor – not one auto manufacturer developed this
  7. EBD – No solid answer found
  8. Disc brakes – No solid answer found

Most of this information came from and

I hope someone from MB marketing department will read this and touch on our innovations and the history of the brand.  I can’t think of any other automobile manufacturer that holds the original patent on the automobile.    OK I am done! Or at least until next time…